Mumbai is also known as the City of Dreams where people come to make their future. Perhaps this is why Mumbai has been a source of income for people from other provinces for many years. For this reason, Mumbai is also known as the financial capital of India.

In Mumbai you will find people of every caste and every province. You will also hear the sound of Azan for mosque and sound of bells coming from temples in the same area.

It is the same city that has made an ordinary boy from Delhi the king of Bollywood. It is the same city in which the world’s richest people have built their dream home.

Mumbai is a city that never stops. But today, Mumbai is probably caught sight of someone. Today the whole world is going through Covid 19 epidemic. The city of dreams is going through its worst phase today. Highest number of Covid cases in India has been found in Mumbai.. There is a lot of effort by the government but at the ground level the situation is completely different.

Indians are facing many other things along with Covid 19. Some areas of India are victims of storms, while some have been victims of locust attacks. Somewhere you get the news of earthquake also.

So what is your opinion, do we have to live with Covid 19 or will we overcome it? Considering the current situation, all such speculation is being done.

Just Travels hopes you are safe and secure at home. Take special care of your children and senior citizens, wash hands frequently and leave the house only when needed.
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